The Swid is a high precision immersion circulator. Temperature accuracy and stability ± 0.05°C are outstanding.


The Swid is adjustable to any sorts of containers. It can controle the temperature of a water bath from 8 to 58 liters.


The Swid is the most powerful immersion circulator of the market. Thanks to its 2,000 W it can heat a 58 liters water bath in a fast manner.



Since 2008 we constantly improved the Swid and selected the most reliable components available on the market. All immersed parts of the Swid are made of stainless steal to assure a durable use for Professional intensive users. Addelice offers to Worldwide customers 2 years warranty (spare parts and labor).


Sous Vide Pro Device

The Swid is designed for Professional Chefs and Event Caterers. Its outstanding specifications are without compromise : compact, lightweight, powerfull, accurate and extremily stable (up to 58 liters), competitive price…

Cooking School Partnerships

During the 6 past years Addélice has convinced many Chefs and cooking schools to use the Swid. Frequent constructive exchanges of experience with Institut Paul Bocuse, EHL (Ecole Hostellière de Lausanne), Ceproc, Ecole Grégoire Ferrandi, Thuriez Magasine…enriche our sous vide experience and design of the Swid.


A Team at Your Service

Drawing upon our 6 years of experience our team has developed an expertise and know-how recognized by professionals. You can contact us via email at any time and we will answer your question within 24 hours.


What People Say About Us

"The Swid gives great performance at an excellent price, this immersion circulator is a competitive advantage for caterers"
Chef Simon "The Swid is the right tool Profi Chef must have and amateur Chefs also..."